Sunday, July 29, 2012

sulawesi lokon volcano adventure tour and mahawu trekking tour 29 july2012

lokon volcano adventure tourjuly 2012 and mahawu trekkin tour

snake in tomohon market

rat in tomohon market
guide jotje lala guided agra maria and loannis angelopoulus from greek yunani
volcanoes travel link 1.
volcanoeslink 2.
volcanoes link 3.
need guide contact guide jotje lala.
email ;
mobile phone :+6281340310671
specilal volcanoes lodge in tomohon.
wailan inn is lodge in my village wailan only 5 rooms with
with nice panorama about the volcanoes and mountain in minahasa highland.
many time all the resort in tomohon is full in highseason.wailan inn is not anly alternative place aroun lokon volcano but also one of the best place to stay in minahasa highland
you can also book your via my email
with code wailan inn.
 sulawesi tour i can do for you.
 1 explore babi rusa adudunantu forest
 2  explore tangkokonature reserve.
 3 esplore maleo birds and others wildlife dumoga bone nationalpark.
4 explore the best of minahasa highland.
5 bunaken island tour diving and snorkling tour.
6 climbing soputan volcano.
if interesting to me
just contact me guide jotje lala i will do the best for you. or
call +62 81340310671
24 hours.


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